My favorite one-liners of all time! by Lizette Martínez

I love movies,  so I bring you My favorite one-liners of all times. Some are scary, some are action packed, some are romantic, corny and fun. But they all pack a punch and wow factor that has not changed in almost 8 decades. ENJOY!

(Disclaimer- this post is in English because all these movies are in ENGLISH)gone-with-the-wind

Gone With The Wind- Rhet Butler is sick of Scarlett’s manipulations and selfishness when he informs her “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”. First time Hollywood used foul language on screen, and my was it effective!


Casablancacasablanca“We’ll always have Paris” Humphrey Bogart’s broken heart finds solace in his past romance. Don’t we all?


Some Like It Hotsome-like-it-hotwhen Joe Brown the millionaire finds out his love is really Jack Lemon posing as a woman he just says, “Well, nobody’s perfect”. Years ahead of his time in all inclusion human rights!Brilliant


Streetcar Named Desirestreetcar-named-desirea bare chested sweaty Marlon Brando yells at the top of his lungs from the bottom of the stairs, “Stella! Hey, Stella” like a sexy mating call sizzling with promise that makes her fly into his arms proving to audiences everywhere that words are superfluous… Seriously, who wouldn’t?


dr-noDr. No- “Bond, James Bond” Sean Connery matter of factedly states what will become the epitome of sexy, smooth and debonair manly behavior propelling British hunks to infinity and beyond…Must I point out that Sean Connery is Scottish? Yes, I must!


The Graduate– Dustin Hoffman asks a scantily clad Anne Bancroft, “Mrs. Robinson,the-graduate-1967-movie-650x4001 you’re trying to seduce me aren’t you?” Please Benjamin quit stating the obvious and get cracking!


rockyRocky- amongst a crowd of admirers he yells “Yo, Adrian!” which will become wanna be boxers mating call all over the world.


forever-young-jamie-leeForever Young– Jamie Lee Curtis is a nurse and tells the story how she was massaging a patient’s heart and he woke up and told her, “You are holding my heart”…


taxi-driverTaxi Driver– De Niro talks to himself on the mirror, “You talking to me?” setting the mood for psycho vigilante behavior in movie history


long-kiss-goodnightThe Long Kiss Goodnight– the paycho escaped inmate tells a scared shitless Geena Davis, “I want my eye back bitch” in a horrid declaration of vengeance to a seemingly suburban, homey soccer mom… Xavi and I loveeeee this action packed movie.


empire-strikes-backThe Empire Strikes Back– most evil Darth Vader tells Luke the one thing that can really screw him up, “I am your father”…WHATTTTT? Talk about daddy issues man…


sudden-impactSudden Impact– Harry Callahan sinuously tells his suspect, “Go ahead, make my day” in a bone chilling rendition by Clint Eastwood. Audiences everywhere want him to make a move so Dirty Harry can shoot the hell out of him…


the-shining-heres-johnnyThe Shining– Jack Nicholson portrays the most believable psycho killer ever when he breaks down the door with an axe and tells his terrified wife, “Here’s Johnny!”


The Sure Thingthe-sure-thing– John Cusack candidly informs his buddies he is going to see Nicholette Sheridan because “I want a sure thing”.


moonstruckMoonstruck- a majestic Cher yells “Snap out of it” as she slaps a love struck Nicholas Cage. Priceless! And much before Christian Grey ever considered spanking Anastasia…


dirty-dancingDirty Dancing– hunky Patrick Swayze swept us all off our feet when he takes Jennifer Grey’s hand and says, “Nobody puts Baby on a corner”. Pink furry sighssss with stars in my eyes…


when-harry-met-sallyWhen Harry Met Sally– after being dumped by her fiancée Meg Ryan has the guts to blubber, “I’m difficult”.  No shit perfectionist woman who orders everything on the sideeee!


jessica-rabbitWho Framed Roger Rabbit– Jessica Rabbit scintillatingly states, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”. Nobody but Kathleen Turner could have said that seriously!princess-bride-inigo-montoya

Princess Bride– “My name is Íñigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die…” Mandy Patinkin incessantly repeats the most famous motivational mantra ever.


titanic-king-of-the-worldTitanic– Handsome and charming Leo de Caprio yells, “I’m the King of the World” and we all believe him…run-forrest-run


Forrest Gump– who can forget Jenny’s useful advice, forrest-go-back-to-greenbow-alabama“Run, Forrest, run” or Forrest wisest advice to Jenny when she is naked singing in a seedy joint, “You should go home to Greenbow, Alabama”.



Jerry McGuire– double feature where Tom Cruise says “You complete me” and Renee Zellweger stops his apologetic soliloquy with “You had me at hello”. Talk about getting straight to the point!


The Holiday– Kate Winslet informs Eli Wallack that “I’m looking for some corny in my life”. So am I sister!the-holiday


terminator-come-with-me-if-you-wanna-liveThe Terminator- And my all time favorite declaration of love “COME WITH ME IF YOU WANNA LIVE”… With these words, Reese offers Sarah Connor his hand and his heart… Wow, that truly is an epic declaration of love in a sci-fi, action, romance enviroment! My heart still melts…

Hope you enjoyed my list. Please share with us your favorite one-liners I might have missed! Maybe you can take the time to relive some of these movies during the holidays…Merry Christmas!

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  1. Me encantan!! Te añado dos de mis favoritas:
    “Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory… lasts forever” de The Replacements.
    (I’ll do the job) “Until I’m dead or you find someone better” de Starship Troopers

      1. OMG!! Cómo se me olvidó!!! Best line EVER!!
        “I think we’ve established that ‘Ca-Caw Ca-Caw’ and ‘Tookie Tookie’ don’t work” (Evolution)

  2. Que lista más interesante de películas para ver……….las voy a propone en casa para verlas en familia……. aunque hay algunas que creo que para mí es un poco pronto todavía … jajajajaja Graciassssssssssss

  3. Thanks my favorite one is “We’ll always have Paris” from Casablanca. What I like the most is that you are contextualizing these one-liners. Best regards

  4. Grandes clásicos compartiste en este post y grandes actores, escenarios que son imborrables y grandes referencias, además de diálogos que marcaron un hito en la historia del cine. Fuen un buen pot de recuentos y recuerdos. Saludos.

  5. Aunque son grandes clásicos del cine slo tengo vistas3: Titanic, Dirty dancing y Forest gump. Creo que debo ponerme al día en este estilo.

  6. Hoy en mi ciudad está lloviendo bastante y es domingo… perfecto este post para hoy. Me encantan las películas viejitas, anotaré unas cuantas. ☺

  7. “run Forrest Run” is one of my favorite lines lol, how to forget “I’m the king of the world” and “You jump, I jump Jack” Titanic is one of my favorite movies, even though I’ve watched a lot of times I still cry at the end

    1. Hello Faty-mamatienesueno. Titanic is beautiful but sooo sad. I will never forgive Hollywood for not giving Leo an Oscar. Jack is the best part of the whole movie! Thanks for your comments

  8. La verdad de todas las películas que mencionaste son pocas las que he visto, pero tengo muchas ganas de ver casablanca desde hace tiempo 😛
    ¡Un saludo!

  9. Yo clásicos la verdad más bien poco, pero varios de los más “recientes” si que he visto y desde luego coincidimos en muchas de ellas. Porque al fin y al cabo si has visto Titanic, Forrest Gump, Jerry McGuire, The Holiday, The Terminator y otras… cómo no te van a gustar? son geniales 🙂

  10. Me encanta está propuesta de no olvidar aquellas películas que en su época marcaron historias. A veces voy con mi novio a ver en el cine en blanco y negro. Es una experiencia bonita para mí.


  11. Hay muchas películas de estas que están entre mis favoritas así que te alabo el gusto y además me ha parecido un post super original, muy diferente y fácil de leer, muaks

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